Maintaining a Kung Fu Dojo

A Dojo is a place where Kung Fu practitioners and teachers alike perform their martial arts and other duties in the course of learning Kung Fu skills. The word Dojo is derived from Taoist and Buddhist terminologies “do” or dao which means “the spiritual way”. So a dojo is really a place to perform and cultivate the spiritual way through martial arts training.

There are several key apparatuses involved when you hear the name dojo and you will find them in almost all the martial arts dojos in the land. Certain things like the “Mook Yan Jong”, more commonly known as the wooden dummy, are available to everyone to practice their skills on and also certain weapons and equipment that are partial to the kind of Kung Fu that you practice.

Rubber mats are also a staple in any dojo worth their salt as it is there that they practice grappling, falling or striking techniques relative to all types of martial arts. You don’t really want to fall directly to the hard ground when you do Kung Fu and the rubber mats are there to make sure you stay in one piece always.

Building composition and design is also important when you are maintaining a dojo and the ventilation of the place must also be assured to maintain proper order inside of it. People will generate heat and will be sweating a lot in the performance of Kung Fu, so it is of utmost importance that you secure proper air flow inside the dojo or risk being victimized by the heat.

Water systems must be in place for both drinking and washing purposes. Certain appropriations must be made in order to allow people to take showers or baths after strenuous physical exertion. A very good water system like the best reverse osmosis system needs to be installed to guarantee the safeness of the drinking water inside the dojo.

A place to change your attire or somewhere to put your belongings is also needed in the dojo as people rarely go there without carrying anything. Some go to the dojo with their best lightweight luggage in tow and you must provide them with a safe and secure place with which to put their belongings on. You wouldn’t want things to go missing inside your dojo as it would lead to tarnishing of your name in your community.

It is not very hard to maintain a fully functioning dojo if you only adhere to the most common practices indicated in operating any place of business. Just make sure to observe the proper building code and also comply with city ordinances when building your dojo and everything would be just fine.

Just imagine yourself as a customer going to your dojo and you will find out clearly if it is any good or not. If you yourself find something amiss on the place then chances are, the customers would find many of them as they are not a bias source of information. Just build it beautifully and the customers will surely come.