Spreading the Word about Kung Fu

Exhibitions are a great way of naturally advertising your brand of Kung Fu all with the aim of attracting brand new and potential students to enroll in your courses. Kung Fu being a rather specialized brand of activity needs all the help it can get to raise the awareness of it, as it is not as mainstream as you would have liked it to be.

Of course you will have to spend a little in order to have a decent enough exhibition, but think of it as a kind of an investment of sorts, one that will bring to you much needed exposure and hopefully, more students in the future. It would also be a way to showcase your type of martial arts and of how it could help people achieve whatever it is they want through its use.

Kung Fu basically is a way of life that you get through practicing its basic tenets, teachings and movements. Its innate philosophy affords you clarity of thought and soundness of being that you either will be totally into it or not, as there is really nothing in between. If you are only after the moves then you are really not Kung Fu enough to be called a practitioner.

The idea of Kung Fu sometimes gets lost in translation as humans are creatures that value sight more above other available bodily senses, and would go after cool stuffs first before diving into deeper waters, which is what Kung Fu adheres to and really all about.

Knowing that, it is all the more attractive for Kung Fu proponents to subscribe to exhibitions, if only to generate more awareness of their crafts and deal with the in depth stuff later on, probably when people who joined are already primed for it. So it is a must for you to show what people might get from Kung Fu and the best way to do that is through exhibitions.

Doing exhibitions are relatively easy in that all you need are mats for all your performances and also chairs for your audiences. Implements such as wood boards, weapons, uniforms and others are easily sourced and all you have to worry about are which of your students, probably also you, will do the routines.

It doesn’t hurt if you also have cameras and video equipment to document the whole affair, probably the best travel tripod also for unmanned documentation which you can just click and leave for the duration of the affair. Uploading of all exhibition coverage online is also important for you to reach as much people as you possibly could.

Offering creature comforts to your audience will also endear them to you and make them more interested in what you are trying to tell them. Refreshments are a nice way to go and also make sure they each have a seat for the duration of your presentation.

You can also get out of your way to make their stay a very pleasant one by adding non-traditional comforts, like probably several best pack n plays, if you have them, to put their little ones on so they won’t wander around the venue. Reading materials are also recommended so they can read about you even after the event. Anything you can think of which can bring value to your audience is a step in the right direction.