Hedgehogs as Pets: What You Should Know First


One of the many benefits of having pets is that it can give your stress relief. It is a good feeling when you come home from a tiring day and be entertained by your pet. This is especially true among many Kung Fu enthusiasts who are often subjected to tiring and demanding activities. It helps them relax when they are around pets after coming home. Also, one of the benefits of having certain pets such as dogs is that you can have them as companion during outdoor trainings.

African pygmy hedgehogSome of the most common pets are dogs and cats. However, these animals can be demanding of your time and expensive to maintain. On the other hand, hedgehogs as pets may be less popular among other people but they are gaining in popularity among busy people especially those who like exotic pets. They are cheaper and easier to maintain than other common pets. They also don’t require much attention. That is why they are most ideal among busy Kung Fu trainees.

Hedgehogs are mammals that are insectivores. They normally feed on worms and crickets but they can also be fed with cooked meat as well as fruits and vegetables. Their foods are inexpensive and that makes them inexpensive to maintain. Being nocturnal, they are active at dusk and sleep most of the day in their natural habitat or in hedgehog cages.

The most distinctive feature of hedgehogs is their quills. You have to deal with them if you will take them as pets. Quills are hollow sharp hairs that they use for defense. When they are threatened, they will normally curl up to form a ball where their quills will extend to protect their body. Quills can be black, brown, gray, cream or albino in color.

The most common hedgehog sold as pets is the African pygmy hedgehog. They can grow up to nine inches long with an average life span of five years. Some hedgehogs if properly taken care of by their owner can last up to ten years.

Hedgehogs can be very entertaining pets. If you are tired and would like to enjoy live entertainment, just look at them while they play. Play is also their means to exercise. That is why it is important to supply their cage with toys including a hedgehog wheel. They can be fun to watch especially when they are playing on the wheel. They are also relaxing to watch because they are just quiet and not aggressive.

If you like to own a unique pet to entertain you after a day’s tiring activity, hedgehogs can be the best option for you. They are easy to feed, easy to maintain and inexpensive to have. But before owning one, you should be able to have some basic knowledge about these animals so that you will know how to properly care for them.

When to See your Doctor for Unexplained Bruising

Bruising is common among people who are engaged in activities that involved physical contact such as Kung Fu and other forms of martial arts. A bruise may be black or blue in color. It may occur in any part of the body that experienced physical trauma such as when your sparring partner hits you really hard in the face or arms. Your blood vessels may break as a result of the trauma. The bruise will form when the blood from the damaged or broken blood vessels collects near the skin surface.

bruiseNot all cases of bruising needs medical attention. When you are into martial arts, it is fairly common to have bruises from time to time as a result of being kicked or hit during practice or sparring sessions. However, there are also cases when you may experience unexplained bruising in various parts of the body. And some of these cases may need medical attention:

  • When you have a bruise that already swells and is accompanied by extreme pain, you should seek medical attention immediately. Your doctor will normally recommend pain relief medication and other medications to soothe the swelling and prevent infection.
  • Some people with heart disease or those who have problems with blood clots are often recommended by doctors to take blood thinners such as warfarin. For some patients, taking blood thinners causes them to have unexplained bruises. If this is your case, you should immediately see your doctor because you may be experiencing the side effects of your medication.
  • Unexplained bruises in certain parts of your body also need medical attention such as under a fingernail or toenail and bruises in the head. These bruises may cause you unbearable pain and anxiety.
  • If you acquired some bruises in your head and you blacked out, completely forgetting about what caused it, you may be experiencing a concussion. You should be taken to the nearest emergency hospital for checkup. It may have caused trauma in your head which needs proper medical attention. In some cases, you may also be required to have your head CT-scanned or checked through MRI.
  • If your bruise is around your eye and you are experiencing some abnormalities in vision, or you cannot move your eye in a certain direction, or you are experiencing headaches, it is likely that you have a serious injury that needs to be checked by your doctor.
  • Even if your bruise does not cause you unbearable pain or does not meet the conditions mentioned above, if the bruise has not improved after two weeks or if it has not yet completely cleared after four weeks, you may also need to seek medical attention.

Bruises are a condition that should not be taken lightly. This is especially true if they do not result from your Kung Fu practices or exercises. If you have unexplained bruise which meets any of the cases listed above, be sure to have it checked by a doctor immediately.

Fleas on Humans: Stop it Before You Lose your Focus during Sparring

fleasFleas are common not only among animals such as cats or dogs. Fleas also attack humans. And if you do not control and get rid of them, they might cause you to lose focus during your Kung Fu practice or sparring session. That is because flea bites can be very itchy. And they can occur anytime regardless of what you are doing.

Fleas are wingless pests that are considered to be external parasites. They feed on the blood of animals and humans. They could infect you through other people or pets at home.

It will not take long before it will become pretty obvious that you are being attacked by fleas. If you notice tiny red blotches on your skin that are itchy and do not go away, there is a big chance that they are flea bites. They are common on the legs but they can also take place in other parts of your body. And if your sparring partner has fleas, it can easily spread to you by skin contact. Or if you are the one who has fleas, they may also spread to your sparring partner if you do not get rid of them.

Getting rid of fleas especially from your hair can be a time-consuming process. But you don’t have to use harsh or toxic chemicals to do it. There are natural remedies which you can use.

One of the natural remedies for fleas is a mixture containing equal amounts of lemon extract and dish detergent. Do not use lemon juice because it is not as effective as lemon extract. The fatty acids and limonene present in this mixture is potent to kill larvae and fleas.

You could also wash your hair with ordinary shampoo and leave it for 30 minutes. After that, bath in hot water to totally kill the fleas. And while your hair is still wet, comb it with a fine comb from root to tip and put any fleas in a bowl of soapy water.

For fleas on the skin, get rid of them by scrubbing using abrasive sponge or cloth. Pay attention to your toes, legs, back of the neck, and hairline where they usually linger.

You normally cannot get rid of all your fleas in just one bath. You should repeat this procedure two or more times in a week until you do not anymore itch from flea bites. Additionally, if you have pets that have fleas, you also need to get rid of their fleas because there is a big chance that the fleas can transfer to you. Vacuum also your carpets because larvae and flea eggs normally thrive there.

If you want to get rid of fleas on humans, learn more by clicking here.

When practicing martial arts including Kung Fu, you need to focus. And if you have fleas in your hair or on your skin, they can cause you to lose your focus because they can be very itchy. By using the natural remedies such as shampoo or a mixture of lemon extract and dish detergent, you can now get rid of fleas quickly and naturally.

Proper Diet for Quality Breast Milk

You may be asking how breastfeeding is related to a Kung Fu site. Many women who are training for Kung Fu are also mothers themselves or will soon become mothers. Breastfeeding is part of motherhood as it is recommended by many doctors unless the mom has a special health condition which can render her incapable of producing healthy breast milk.

Even during Kung Fu training, it is still possible for a mother to produce healthy breast milk as long as she is able to follow the recommended diet for a nursing mother.  Diet has a significant impact in the quality of the breast milk. Even if you are in the process of learning how to stop breastfeeding, as long as you are still breastfeeding your infant, proper diet must always be observed.

Foods to avoid may vary from one mother to another while breastfeeding. But the rule of thumb for foods to avoid while breastfeeding includes spicy foods, high fiber foods, citrus foods, caffeine and alcoholic beverages because they may cause stomach problems on the nursing baby. Other babies may also develop allergies on certain foods like nuts, corn, and shellfish. Mothers should carefully observe how their infant reacts to the food they eat so they will know which foods to avoid next time.

While there are foods you should avoid eating, it does not mean you cannot eat them at all. You can still drink coffee or alcoholic beverages in moderation as long as there is no history of your baby developing adverse reactions to a glass or two of coffee. The same is true with other foods that are recommended by many doctors that you should avoid.

Moreover, if the mother has healthy eating habits, it can be beneficial to her and her baby. It is not recommended for a nursing mom to count calories because excessive reduction in calories may affect milk supply. Drinking at least eight glasses of water can also help avoid dehydration. Other than water, you may also drink juices and also milk which can be a good source of calcium. Nursing moms also tend to be hungry and thirsty more often so it is important to listen to what your body tells you. If you are hungry, eat; if you are thirsty, drink.

Aside from calories and liquids, a good source of vitamins and minerals is also vital while breastfeeding. You can get them if you eat a well-balanced diet composed of fruits, vegetables, meat and carbohydrates. You may also take supplements when needed.

While exercising and Kung Fu training can help a nursing mom maintain good physical health, having a proper diet can also help in keeping your baby healthy through the milk you feed. Don’t restrict your food or drink when hungry and thirsty. When in doubt whether a food is good for your nursing baby or not, it is safer to avoid it. Always remember that whatever you eat or drink will affect not only you but also your baby.

Skin Tear Care Tips

In Kung Fu, there are certain styles or movements that may result to tearing or ripping of the skin. And since your sparring partner may use these styles against you, it would be good to know how to care for skin tear in case you have one.

Skin tears are wounds characterized by the separation of the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. They can be a result of accidents or lacerations of sharp objects such as a knife, glass, or even finger claws just like when the tiger claw style is used in Kung Fu. Additionally, older people are also more prone to skin tearing as the skin becomes delicate and dry. Despite efforts to avoid tearing of the skin, it is something that cannot be avoided especially if you are old and are still engaged in Kung Fu. Skin tears may also happen during other physical sports or work environments that expose you to sharp objects.

There are different stages for treating skin tears. The first stage is to control or stop the bleeding. To do this, pressure must be applied on the wound. The limb must be elevated if necessary. When the bleeding has stopped, you may start cleaning the wound using water or warm saline to remove any debris or residual hematoma. After the wound is cleaned, check the viability of the skin flap. If it is still viable, try flapping back the skin in place using damp cotton. You may then dress up the wound with appropriate topical products that can protect the wound while allowing it to heal. Your doctor may also recommend the most suitable topical product for your tear. If possible, do not touch the dressing for several days so as not to disturb the flap.

Regular cleaning and reassessment of the wound is important after it has been dressed. Every time dressing has to be changed, be gentle when removing the dressing and make sure to work away from the skin flap that is still attached. You can put a sign in the dressing as an indication on where the attachment is located. To minimize the trauma in this procedure, you could use a silicone-based adhesive remover or saline soaks. Gently clean the wound without disrupting the skin flap. Check also the skin integrity if the flap is already pale or has darkened. For a non-viable flap, debridement is usually necessary.

Aside from using ordinary dressing, other materials that can be used to protect the wound include hydrogel sheets which are effective in maintaining a moist environment for the wound. Protective sleeves which are tubular elastic support bandages can also hold the dressing in place without irritating the sensitive skin.

Moreover, it is also important that you check the wound from time to time for any sign of infection. Some patients such as those with diabetes are more at risk of developing infections. Symptoms may include erythema, oedema, bad odor and increased pain.

When it comes to treatment of skin tears, it is important to always keep the wound clean and protected from possible infection. But if infection does develop, it is best to seek medical attention so that necessary procedures can be administered to treat the tear.

Guard Dogs and Kung Fu: Best Protection

In these dangerous times when people with criminal minds are no longer afraid to attack their victims even in public places such as in the malls and parks, it is best to have some sort of personal protection. And having personal protection could not only be life-saving for you but also for the people dear to you.

While some people have a pepper spray in their bags or for others, a deadly weapon for self-defense, it might prove to be less useful in certain circumstances such as when your bag is snatched or when you are among civilians who can get hurt if you fire a gun. In these circumstances, having Kung Fu skills may help.

During Kung Fu training, one of the basic lessons that you will learn is about the different types of self-defense techniques for various types of situations. For instance, you will be taught how to handle your attacker if you are attacked from behind, or if he is holding a deadly weapon on your throat. The training also teaches you how to stay calm and focused under these dangerous situations. Instead of panicking, staying calm and focused can help you think of the best recourse under the present circumstances. Most importantly, Kung Fu promotes overall physical and mental wellness. You will be able to strengthen your muscles and develop endurance and agility.

The long list of benefits of Kung Fu all points to self-defense. Kung Fu is not very difficult to learn. It will just take a few hours of your time each week and its benefits can have an enormous impact on you especially in terms of protection.

Aside from learning Kung Fu, women, pregnant mothers, children and the elderly who are not able to learn Kung Fu or are too weak to execute its moves may also benefit from having a guard dog. You may think that dogs are not really capable of protecting you. But there are guard dogs that have the attributes and natural instinct to protect their owners or other animals in times of trouble. Guard dogs are generally bigger breeds of dogs, not the husky Pomeranian mix or Pomsky type of dog, but breeds like the German shepherd, Doberman, Aeredale terrier, Saint Bernards and others. These dogs can undergo basic training so that they can be a protector for your family. These breeds may have the attributes and natural instinct as protectors, but if not trained properly, they may not be able to fully do their role.

One of the most important precautions you should remember if you have a guard dog is to never leave your children with them unattended or unsupervised. As they have the tendency to attack, they might get irritated and attack your children during play time.

You should never take your safety for granted because it could mean putting your life at risk when you are not able to defend yourself against attackers. If you fear for your safety, your best recourse would probably be to learn Kung Fu or have a guard dog.

Safety Precautions for Pregnant Women Learning Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a popular form of martial arts that do not entail the use of weapons. That is why many people including men, women and children are becoming interested to learn this skill as a form of self-defense. Those who have trained in Kung Fu and other forms of martial arts become more confident when placed in dangerous situations or when confronted with would-be attackers. This is especially true among women who are frequently victims of attacks along sidewalks, in parking lots, and even inside their own homes. Bad elements often see them as an easy target because of their physical limitations.

Women can protect themselves by learning Kung Fu. They can easily learn this skill because no deadly weapons are used and most of the movements are just a combination of basic actions. Even pregnant women can continue to learn and train for Kung Fu. However, there are important precautions that must be observed when it comes to pregnant women.

Every pregnancy is different and as such, it must be viewed that way. Some pregnancies may be safe for learning Kung Fu while others may not be. For instance, if you are having a period while pregnant, it may be a sign of a sensitive pregnancy and your doctor may recommend that you take total bed rest depending on the seriousness of your condition. But even if you feel that you are physically okay and are suitable for training, you should first consult your doctor for any advice regarding the risk that might be involved if you continue with your plan.

stethoscopeOnce your doctor approves of your plan to train in Kung Fu, you should also inform your instructor about your condition. That way, your instructor can also avoid teaching acts or movements that may endanger your pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is highest during the first trimester, so it is advisable that you take it slow during this period. You can do movements that do not involve jumping or high kicking. Also, if you are experiencing morning sickness, take time to rest in between training sessions. Also bring a small snack and water with you to alleviate the urge to vomit.

Throughout pregnancy, you may experience becoming tired easily. Be ready to inform your instructor if you have to miss training sessions. And if you have to attend, take the training lightly. Don’t push yourself to the limit. Do not do wide splits or overstretch your muscle. Doing so can put your life in danger. And remember that it is not only your life that is at stake but the life of your unborn child.

Additionally, Kung Fu sparring is a no-no. Despite your best training and care, you may still receive a punch or a kick from your sparring partner. You could lose your balance and will put you and your baby at risk.

Learning Kung Fu is still possible even during pregnancy. So even if you already have pregnancy announcement ideas at hand, you can still train for this form of martial art. However, you must strictly observe several safety precautions to ensure your safety and that of your baby during training.

Treatment Options for Labral Tear

If you are undergoing Kung Fu training and other physical sports, you may experience having hip flexor pain or torn labrum hip. These are conditions that normally result from sporting accidents, falling or repetitive sports trauma. In fact, there are many studies showing that athletes who often complain about groin pain are 22 percent more likely to have a hip labral tear.

Among Kung Fu trainees, there are many cases of reported hip labral tears due to falling during sparring sessions. Aside from groin pain, other symptoms may include pain in the buttocks or lateral hips and the clicking or catching in the sockets of the hip as you move it. You may also feel like your hip is locking up. Restricted movement is also common. The combination of these symptoms as well as a series of tests helps doctors diagnose hip labral tear. MRI is particularly important to look into the joints of the patient.

Once diagnosed, there are different treatment options for patients. One is the nonsurgical option where athletic trainers or physical therapists develop a rehabilitation plan which starts with examining and determining the factors causing the tear in the patient. Rehabilitation may include rest or modification of activities to decrease the stress in the hip joint. Customized exercise programs may also be implemented to address the problem on muscle imbalance, movement and postural patterns and pelvic position. This may include range-of-motion exercises, stretching, hip joint mobilizations exercises, and exercises that can help develop strength in the hip muscles.

When a person has a labral tear, full recovery is unlikely because there is lack of blood supply in the area affected. However, rehabilitation and exercises may help reduce the pain and other symptoms and the patient may be able to do sports activities again.

If nonsurgical options do not work on the patient, surgical treatment may become necessary. Hip arthroscopy is a minimally invasive procedure which is performed while the patient is under general anesthesia. After the surgery, postoperative rehabilitation may also be necessary. The rehabilitation will normally focus on helping the patient regain full hip joint motion, movement control and strength.

Additionally, during rehabilitation, patients are advised to use crutches for at least two weeks. As the patient’s condition improves, rehabilitation will also progress until the patient is capable of doing normal daily or sports activities. It may take at least eight weeks before a patient can be back to high-impact sports.

Because of the nature of training involved in Kung Fu, it is possible that trainees will suffer from a tear in labral hip. But it can be avoided by paying careful attention especially during sparring sessions where accidental falling often happens. And when you fall, don’t put all the weight on your hip as this is one of the most common causes of labral tear.

If you are diagnosed with labral tear, your two options are nonsurgical and surgical treatments. Your treatment greatly depends on the severity of your tear. Whatever treatment is recommended for you, rest and rehabilitation therapy are always part of it.