Causes of Fluid in Lungs

Many Kung Fu trainees engage in this type of training to achieve physical and mental wellness. An added benefit of the training is being able to learn skills that can protect you and those with you from possible criminal attacks. However, there have been cases of Kung Fu trainees suffering from fluid in lungs, see here. And this condition can hinder someone from undergoing regular training. At its worst, if not treated, it will result to a more serious health condition which can be fatal.

A deeper understanding on what causes fluid buildup in the lungs can help a person avoid or prevent this problem from happening. And these causes can be grouped into cardiac and non-cardiac causes.

Cardiac Causes

Your lungs and heart work as a team. If one is not functioning well, the performance of the other one will also be affected. One of the most common cardiac problems that cause fluid buildup in the lungs is coronary artery disease. Under this condition, the patient has a weakened heart which makes it difficult for the muscles to pump blood. As a result, the blood moves back to the lungs and in the process, some fluid passes into the air sacs where they will accumulate. A similar instance happens to people with cardiomyopathy and heart valve issues where the heart is too weak to do its work properly. High blood pressure (HBP) may also cause fluid buildup because HBP requires the arteries to work harder, and in the process, causes some liquid to divert to the air sac.

Non-cardiac Causes

Although cardiac problems are the most common causes of fluid in the lungs, sometimes, the problem is caused by something else such as lung infections. If a person has pneumonia, the affected area of the lungs can become swollen and be filled with fluid. Oftentimes, the fluid will just go away when the underlying illness is treated. Other non-cardiac causes are kidney problems, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and taking illegal drugs or certain medications.

Other Causes

Apart from cardiac and non-cardiac causes, a person may also develop lung fluids by inhaling smoke or household toxins such as chlorine and ammonia. Being in a high altitude or having a near-drowning experience may also cause the same problem.

Normally, most cases of patients with lung fluids are treated after the underlying health problem is also treated. However, in some cases, it is an isolated problem that must be treated separately; otherwise, it may result to further complications like asthma. Thankfully, there are home remedies for asthma that you can rely on. But it is still best to consult your doctor so that you will know your real condition and so that the appropriate treatment can be identified.

If you have fluid buildup in the lungs, it may not be best for you to continue on with your Kung Fu training without treating your condition first. Kung Fu training involves strenuous activities which could make it difficult for you to breathe if you have a lung condition.

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