5 Spots in the Body Where Tattoos Are Most Painful

Tattoos are becoming very common nowadays. You can see people from various cultural and educational backgrounds sporting a tattoo on various parts of their body. It is common among ordinary people and popular people. You can also see them among those who are into martial arts. In fact, among many girls and women, engaging in Kung Fu and having a tattoo are two popular signs of masculinity in men.

Getting a tattoo could be painful depending on which part of the body is being tattooed. It could hurt the most in areas with less or no fats. Here are the top five spots where tattoos could hurt the most:

1. Chest

Chest tattoos for men are a popular choice for many. It is one of the areas in the body where a tattoo can get a good exposure. It may take several sessions before a beautiful art in the chest could be completed. Unless a person has a lot of muscle or body fats, getting a tattoo in this area could be really painful. So if you are skinny, be prepared to experience pain if you are planning to have a chest tattoo.

2. Ribs

The rib area can be a perfect spot for a scrolling design tattoo because of its spread. However, because of the thin skin across this spot, it is also one of the most painful spots to get a tattoo. You should first get feedback before getting an intricate design on the rib area. It is best to start with a small design and then gradually increase in size if you know you can resist the pain.

3. Foot

Some tattoo artists do not like to work on the foot because of the risks of poor healing. This spot is also uneven and there is only a limited choice of designs that can look good in the foot. But apart from that, the pain involved is also worth considering.

4. Behind the Ear

The area behind the ear can also be a sensitive choice for getting a tattoo because of its delicately thin skin which could mean more pain. But many people still choose this spot. Some tattoo artists use a special cream to help alleviate the pain.

5. Ankle

Since there is nothing in the ankle but mostly bones, expect it to be more painful if you choose this as a spot for your next tattoo. If it is your first time, it would be better to choose another spot that is less painful.

If you are considering getting a tattoo and are worried about the pain, you should opt for other locations than the ones listed here. A skillful tattoo artist can help you choose which parts of the body are less painful for tattooing. Consider having it on the arms, shoulder or back, especially if it is your first time. However, regardless of which part of the body you want your tattoo, always expect to experience some sort of pain even on the fatty areas.

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