Safety Precautions for Pregnant Women Learning Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a popular form of martial arts that do not entail the use of weapons. That is why many people including men, women and children are becoming interested to learn this skill as a form of self-defense. Those who have trained in Kung Fu and other forms of martial arts become more confident when placed in dangerous situations or when confronted with would-be attackers. This is especially true among women who are frequently victims of attacks along sidewalks, in parking lots, and even inside their own homes. Bad elements often see them as an easy target because of their physical limitations.

Women can protect themselves by learning Kung Fu. They can easily learn this skill because no deadly weapons are used and most of the movements are just a combination of basic actions. Even pregnant women can continue to learn and train for Kung Fu. However, there are important precautions that must be observed when it comes to pregnant women.

Every pregnancy is different and as such, it must be viewed that way. Some pregnancies may be safe for learning Kung Fu while others may not be. For instance, if you are having a period while pregnant, it may be a sign of a sensitive pregnancy and your doctor may recommend that you take total bed rest depending on the seriousness of your condition. But even if you feel that you are physically okay and are suitable for training, you should first consult your doctor for any advice regarding the risk that might be involved if you continue with your plan.

stethoscopeOnce your doctor approves of your plan to train in Kung Fu, you should also inform your instructor about your condition. That way, your instructor can also avoid teaching acts or movements that may endanger your pregnancy. The risk of miscarriage is highest during the first trimester, so it is advisable that you take it slow during this period. You can do movements that do not involve jumping or high kicking. Also, if you are experiencing morning sickness, take time to rest in between training sessions. Also bring a small snack and water with you to alleviate the urge to vomit.

Throughout pregnancy, you may experience becoming tired easily. Be ready to inform your instructor if you have to miss training sessions. And if you have to attend, take the training lightly. Don’t push yourself to the limit. Do not do wide splits or overstretch your muscle. Doing so can put your life in danger. And remember that it is not only your life that is at stake but the life of your unborn child.

Additionally, Kung Fu sparring is a no-no. Despite your best training and care, you may still receive a punch or a kick from your sparring partner. You could lose your balance and will put you and your baby at risk.

Learning Kung Fu is still possible even during pregnancy. So even if you already have pregnancy announcement ideas at hand, you can still train for this form of martial art. However, you must strictly observe several safety precautions to ensure your safety and that of your baby during training.

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