Guard Dogs and Kung Fu: Best Protection

In these dangerous times when people with criminal minds are no longer afraid to attack their victims even in public places such as in the malls and parks, it is best to have some sort of personal protection. And having personal protection could not only be life-saving for you but also for the people dear to you.

While some people have a pepper spray in their bags or for others, a deadly weapon for self-defense, it might prove to be less useful in certain circumstances such as when your bag is snatched or when you are among civilians who can get hurt if you fire a gun. In these circumstances, having Kung Fu skills may help.

During Kung Fu training, one of the basic lessons that you will learn is about the different types of self-defense techniques for various types of situations. For instance, you will be taught how to handle your attacker if you are attacked from behind, or if he is holding a deadly weapon on your throat. The training also teaches you how to stay calm and focused under these dangerous situations. Instead of panicking, staying calm and focused can help you think of the best recourse under the present circumstances. Most importantly, Kung Fu promotes overall physical and mental wellness. You will be able to strengthen your muscles and develop endurance and agility.

The long list of benefits of Kung Fu all points to self-defense. Kung Fu is not very difficult to learn. It will just take a few hours of your time each week and its benefits can have an enormous impact on you especially in terms of protection.

Aside from learning Kung Fu, women, pregnant mothers, children and the elderly who are not able to learn Kung Fu or are too weak to execute its moves may also benefit from having a guard dog. You may think that dogs are not really capable of protecting you. But there are guard dogs that have the attributes and natural instinct to protect their owners or other animals in times of trouble. Guard dogs are generally bigger breeds of dogs, not the husky Pomeranian mix or Pomsky type of dog, but breeds like the German shepherd, Doberman, Aeredale terrier, Saint Bernards and others. These dogs can undergo basic training so that they can be a protector for your family. These breeds may have the attributes and natural instinct as protectors, but if not trained properly, they may not be able to fully do their role.

One of the most important precautions you should remember if you have a guard dog is to never leave your children with them unattended or unsupervised. As they have the tendency to attack, they might get irritated and attack your children during play time.

You should never take your safety for granted because it could mean putting your life at risk when you are not able to defend yourself against attackers. If you fear for your safety, your best recourse would probably be to learn Kung Fu or have a guard dog.

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