Proper Diet for Quality Breast Milk

You may be asking how breastfeeding is related to a Kung Fu site. Many women who are training for Kung Fu are also mothers themselves or will soon become mothers. Breastfeeding is part of motherhood as it is recommended by many doctors unless the mom has a special health condition which can render her incapable of producing healthy breast milk.

Even during Kung Fu training, it is still possible for a mother to produce healthy breast milk as long as she is able to follow the recommended diet for a nursing mother.  Diet has a significant impact in the quality of the breast milk. Even if you are in the process of learning how to stop breastfeeding, as long as you are still breastfeeding your infant, proper diet must always be observed.

Foods to avoid may vary from one mother to another while breastfeeding. But the rule of thumb for foods to avoid while breastfeeding includes spicy foods, high fiber foods, citrus foods, caffeine and alcoholic beverages because they may cause stomach problems on the nursing baby. Other babies may also develop allergies on certain foods like nuts, corn, and shellfish. Mothers should carefully observe how their infant reacts to the food they eat so they will know which foods to avoid next time.

While there are foods you should avoid eating, it does not mean you cannot eat them at all. You can still drink coffee or alcoholic beverages in moderation as long as there is no history of your baby developing adverse reactions to a glass or two of coffee. The same is true with other foods that are recommended by many doctors that you should avoid.

Moreover, if the mother has healthy eating habits, it can be beneficial to her and her baby. It is not recommended for a nursing mom to count calories because excessive reduction in calories may affect milk supply. Drinking at least eight glasses of water can also help avoid dehydration. Other than water, you may also drink juices and also milk which can be a good source of calcium. Nursing moms also tend to be hungry and thirsty more often so it is important to listen to what your body tells you. If you are hungry, eat; if you are thirsty, drink.

Aside from calories and liquids, a good source of vitamins and minerals is also vital while breastfeeding. You can get them if you eat a well-balanced diet composed of fruits, vegetables, meat and carbohydrates. You may also take supplements when needed.

While exercising and Kung Fu training can help a nursing mom maintain good physical health, having a proper diet can also help in keeping your baby healthy through the milk you feed. Don’t restrict your food or drink when hungry and thirsty. When in doubt whether a food is good for your nursing baby or not, it is safer to avoid it. Always remember that whatever you eat or drink will affect not only you but also your baby.

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