Fleas on Humans: Stop it Before You Lose your Focus during Sparring

fleasFleas are common not only among animals such as cats or dogs. Fleas also attack humans. And if you do not control and get rid of them, they might cause you to lose focus during your Kung Fu practice or sparring session. That is because flea bites can be very itchy. And they can occur anytime regardless of what you are doing.

Fleas are wingless pests that are considered to be external parasites. They feed on the blood of animals and humans. They could infect you through other people or pets at home.

It will not take long before it will become pretty obvious that you are being attacked by fleas. If you notice tiny red blotches on your skin that are itchy and do not go away, there is a big chance that they are flea bites. They are common on the legs but they can also take place in other parts of your body. And if your sparring partner has fleas, it can easily spread to you by skin contact. Or if you are the one who has fleas, they may also spread to your sparring partner if you do not get rid of them.

Getting rid of fleas especially from your hair can be a time-consuming process. But you don’t have to use harsh or toxic chemicals to do it. There are natural remedies which you can use.

One of the natural remedies for fleas is a mixture containing equal amounts of lemon extract and dish detergent. Do not use lemon juice because it is not as effective as lemon extract. The fatty acids and limonene present in this mixture is potent to kill larvae and fleas.

You could also wash your hair with ordinary shampoo and leave it for 30 minutes. After that, bath in hot water to totally kill the fleas. And while your hair is still wet, comb it with a fine comb from root to tip and put any fleas in a bowl of soapy water.

For fleas on the skin, get rid of them by scrubbing using abrasive sponge or cloth. Pay attention to your toes, legs, back of the neck, and hairline where they usually linger.

You normally cannot get rid of all your fleas in just one bath. You should repeat this procedure two or more times in a week until you do not anymore itch from flea bites. Additionally, if you have pets that have fleas, you also need to get rid of their fleas because there is a big chance that the fleas can transfer to you. Vacuum also your carpets because larvae and flea eggs normally thrive there.

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When practicing martial arts including Kung Fu, you need to focus. And if you have fleas in your hair or on your skin, they can cause you to lose your focus because they can be very itchy. By using the natural remedies such as shampoo or a mixture of lemon extract and dish detergent, you can now get rid of fleas quickly and naturally.

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