Hedgehogs as Pets: What You Should Know First


One of the many benefits of having pets is that it can give your stress relief. It is a good feeling when you come home from a tiring day and be entertained by your pet. This is especially true among many Kung Fu enthusiasts who are often subjected to tiring and demanding activities. It helps them relax when they are around pets after coming home. Also, one of the benefits of having certain pets such as dogs is that you can have them as companion during outdoor trainings.

African pygmy hedgehogSome of the most common pets are dogs and cats. However, these animals can be demanding of your time and expensive to maintain. On the other hand, hedgehogs as pets may be less popular among other people but they are gaining in popularity among busy people especially those who like exotic pets. They are cheaper and easier to maintain than other common pets. They also don’t require much attention. That is why they are most ideal among busy Kung Fu trainees.

Hedgehogs are mammals that are insectivores. They normally feed on worms and crickets but they can also be fed with cooked meat as well as fruits and vegetables. Their foods are inexpensive and that makes them inexpensive to maintain. Being nocturnal, they are active at dusk and sleep most of the day in their natural habitat or in hedgehog cages.

The most distinctive feature of hedgehogs is their quills. You have to deal with them if you will take them as pets. Quills are hollow sharp hairs that they use for defense. When they are threatened, they will normally curl up to form a ball where their quills will extend to protect their body. Quills can be black, brown, gray, cream or albino in color.

The most common hedgehog sold as pets is the African pygmy hedgehog. They can grow up to nine inches long with an average life span of five years. Some hedgehogs if properly taken care of by their owner can last up to ten years.

Hedgehogs can be very entertaining pets. If you are tired and would like to enjoy live entertainment, just look at them while they play. Play is also their means to exercise. That is why it is important to supply their cage with toys including a hedgehog wheel. They can be fun to watch especially when they are playing on the wheel. They are also relaxing to watch because they are just quiet and not aggressive.

If you like to own a unique pet to entertain you after a day’s tiring activity, hedgehogs can be the best option for you. They are easy to feed, easy to maintain and inexpensive to have. But before owning one, you should be able to have some basic knowledge about these animals so that you will know how to properly care for them.

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