Foods to Feed and Foods to Avoid When your Toddler Has Diarrhea


When training for Kung Fu, focus is very important. Without focus, it is easy to commit mistakes when doing certain moves or styles. During sparring especially, you are more at risk of being defeated by the opponent if you do not focus. Losing focus is unavoidable among trainees. One could easily be distracted and lose focus because of personal problems or when their minds are set on other things. Others are distracted when their family members suffer from illnesses.

As many Kung Fu trainees already have families, one of the most common reasons why they could be distracted when training is with their family’s health. It normally happens when their small children are sick. Two common illnesses that children may suffer from are toddler constipation and diarrhea in toddlers. But the latter is considered to be more serious because it may result to dehydration if not given enough attention. It is therefore best to stop what you are doing and to attend to your child’s condition first.

Diarrhea in toddlers may be caused by eating certain foods that irritate the child’s bowel. It may also be caused by rotavirus infection. But diarrhea can be easily resolved within 10 days or less, depending on its cause. However, it is still best to see your doctor for advice. A child may die from dehydration if inadequate attention or improper treatment is given.

The most basic treatment for diarrhea is to give your child enough water to replace the lost liquid. Also give your child smaller portions of a meal than usual to allow the digestive system to slowly work back to normal. Also consider the foods to give and the foods to avoid feeding your toddler during this time.

166273511The best foods to feed if a toddler has diarrhea can be easily remembered with the initials BRAT. It stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. These are foods that can help in hardening and firming up the stool when a child has diarrhea. BRAT includes whole wheat grains, bananas, rice and cereals, bread, potatoes, pasta, applesauce and yogurt with its healthy bacteria which can aid in digestion.

There are also foods that must be avoided if your young child has diarrhea. These are the foods that are given when someone has constipation as they are effective in loosening stools. Among them are dairy products with the exception of yogurt. Some fruits must also be avoided such as plums, pears, peaches and prunes, as well as stone fruits such as apricots because they are known to loosen stools.

Other types of foods to be avoided include fatty foods such as those foods that are fried, creamy and greasy or are covered in gravy. Foods with artificial sweeteners including sodas and candies that have a laxative effect which may contribute gas to an already sensitive bowel must also be avoided. Lastly, avoid feeding gas-producing vegetables like broccoli, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, peas and onions to someone who has diarrhea.

When dealing with diarrhea, the key to your toddler’s recovery is to give adequate liquid, feed the right foods and avoid the wrong foods. Once your child is okay, you can now resume your focus in training.

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