Neutropenic Precautions while Engaging in Kung Fu Exercises

Neutropenia is a condition when a person has an abnormally low level of white blood cells that protect the body against infections. People who have neutropenia are normally advised by their doctors to be on neutropenic precautions. That means, carefully watching your diet, the clothes you wear and the places where you go because you can easily contact infections from food, dirty clothes and dirty surroundings.

A person with neutropenia does not necessarily need to refrain from doing physical activities. In fact, there are many neutropenic people who are also engaged in various activities including Kung Fu exercises. However, you need to observe some precautions to safeguard your health and avoid getting any infection.

Proper personal hygiene is of utmost importance among people with neutropenia. You should take a shower every day and wash your hands on regular intervals especially before and after eating and after you go to the comfort room. Also part of personal hygiene is oral hygiene. You have to brush your teeth regularly. After brushing, gargle with mouth wash or warm water with salt. You should also maintain a hygienic environment at home. Be sure that your home is well dusted and regularly cleaned. And if outside the home, avoid going to dirty places or construction sites as well as near hospitals.

You should also regularly monitor your body’s condition. Check your body temperature every day. If you are not feeling well and your temperature is higher than 100.9 degrees Fahrenheit, you should call your doctor immediately. Also, to ensure that your health condition is under control, have a regular urine and stool test. This will also let you know if there are any improvements in your condition.

Your diet also plays an important role in your health. Strictly observe a neutropenic diet which involves avoiding undercooked and uncooked meat, vegetables, eggs and fish, and certain foods such as honey and unpasteurized milk.

If you are doing certain activities, be careful not to get cuts on your skin. Even small cuts can be a potential entry point for infections. If you have existing cuts or wounds, replace your bandages and dressings regularly and keep them dry when you have them. Check also for any swelling or redness because it could be a sign of infection.

Since your body is low in white blood cells that can fight off infections, you should avoid contact with people with infectious or transmissible diseases including colds and cough among others. You are more at risk of contracting their diseases. And if you are in crowded places, you could wear a surgical mask as a safety precaution.

Depending on the severity of your condition, your doctor may also recommend that you avoid engaging in Kung Fu sparring and other physical sports for a period of time until your health improves. But you may still be involved in low-risk sports and activities. You can seek your doctor’s advice if you can still do Kung Fu exercises.

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